Uncle Lee's Sporting Goods Greenville Kentucky

We are extremely excited and proud to announce that Budsgunshop.com is bringing Uncle Lee's back to Greenville KY! After nearly 40 years in business, Uncle Lee's closed their doors and business back in January of this year. After visiting the Greenville area multiple times and spending countless hours talking to former staff and customers about the history of Uncle Lee's, we knew we wanted to be part of bringing back something that meant so much to so many people.

With two Buds Gun Shop & Range stores in KY and TN, we could have easily just opened a third Buds store. We did talk about it, but it just didn't feel right. After all, it's not Buds Gun Shop, it's Uncle Lees ! So we plan to bring back a lot of what you loved about Uncle Lee's; same location with great people, great service, and a great selection of products. However, we also plan to add to a few new things that have helped Buds Gun Shop remain successful for over 40 years. We understand Uncle Lee's did a lot of things very well. Here at Buds, we do one thing extremely well....GUNS! You can be sure the new gun selection and pricing at Uncle Lee's will reflect the volume buying power of Buds.

We look forward to bringing back a local favorite to Greenville KY...and also introducing you to some new favorite deals from Budsgunshop.com!

Stay tuned as we continue to release more information and specials regarding the Grand Opening planned for Oct 1!